Embrulho #4 :: Gift Wrapping #4

Mais uma ideia para carimbar papel de embrulho: tinta acrílica e uma rolha. Acreditam que tive de comprar uma rolha para este projecto? As garrafas de vinho neozelandês são todas de enroscar… não tenho uma única rolha no fundo das gavetas da minha cozinha!
O processo é simples: com um rolo espalha-se um bocado de tinta numa superfície lisa (eu usei papel vegetal de cozinha, mas uma placa de vidro teria sido ideal), usa-se a rolha como carimbo, deixa-se secar, faz-se o embrulho e termina-se com um bocado de fio de norte (também conhecido como fio de linho ou cânhamo).
Aqui fica uma sugestão para fazer com as crianças durante as férias de Natal!
Here’s another idea for stamping gift wrap: acrylic paint and a cork stopper. I actually had to buy a cork stopper for this project — I think every southern European will understand the bizarreness of this situation… buy a cork stopper? One usually has loads of them lying around the kitchen! But not in New Zealand: wine bottles here have screw caps!

Anyway, the process is dead simple: you just put a small amount of paint on your palette (glass would have been ideal but I have none so I used a piece of kitchen parchment papel instead), roll a brayer over it and use the cork stopper to stamp the paper (newsprint in my case). Let it dry, wrap the present and finish with some flax twine.

This could be a great activity to make with children during the Christmas holidays!
(photos: © Constança Cabral)

4 thoughts on “Embrulho #4 :: Gift Wrapping #4

  1. Mal says:

    that looks pretty, I'm using plain tea-towels in red or green for adult wrapping this year, then they can be re-used.

    Happy Christmas to you and your family



  2. buchticek says:

    Ha, ha:) to buy a cork stopper, I wouldn't even know where to buy it if not as a part of a full wine bottle! But this project is great and comes in time, I'm just finishing one bottle, so thank you;)…Hana, a central European


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