Lãs + Fazendas :: Wool + Tartan

Chegou a altura do ano em que apetece começar a combinar camisolas de lã com fazendas escocesas. Quero fazer alguns macaquinhos para o Rodrigo e estive a fazer alguns ensaios preliminares para tentar perceber o que é que fica bem com o quê. Agora há que escolher o molde e começar a coser! (as camisolas e casacos que hoje mostro foram tricotados pela minha mãe, pela minha sogra e por mim; as fazendas foram todas aproveitadas de saias)
It is the time of year for starting to match wool jumpers and tartans. I want to make some rompers for Rodrigo and spent some time finding out what goes with what. Now I just have to pick a pattern and start sewing! (the jumpers and cardigans on show were hand-knitted by my mother, by my mother-in-law and by me; the tartans have come from old skirts and kilts)
(photos: Tiago Cabral)

10 thoughts on “Lãs + Fazendas :: Wool + Tartan

  1. coldcomfortcrafts says:

    Lovely colours, but if they're wool, what about washing? I don't mind hand washing the odd cardigan, (especially as they're taken off at mealtimes!) but trousers/rompers/dungarees get covered in mud, nappy explosions, leaves, puddles etc!


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